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Q: Why doesn’t my remote work?

Check to see if the wall button is in vacation mode or locked. If the wall button light is off or blinking, it is either in vacation mode or locked. If the wall button is not in vacation mode or locked, check the battery. In most cases, one these suggestions will correct your problem.

Q: Why do I need annual maintenance on my door and opener?

Your garage door is the single largest piece of moving equipment in your home. Installed and maintained properly, it will give you many years of trouble-free service. However, if improperly installed or maintained door can be dangerous.

Q: Can I replace a section of my door or do I need to replace the whole door?

Yes, depending upon the amount of damage to the door and the age of your door, it may be possible to replace just a section of the door. Let Dover Door provide a free evaluation of your situation and recommend the best course of action.

Q: Should I be concerned about having a garage door opener with small children or pets?

Yes, older garage door openers do not have the safety features of the current opener models. Replacing your outdated opener with a newer, safer model is recommended in homes with small children or pets.

Here are some additional safety tips for homes with small children:

– Do not allow children to play with the wall-mounted button or hand-held remote controllers.
– Make sure the wall-mounted button is installed at least five feet above the floor.
– Educate your children about door safety and explain the potential dangers and explain that the controllers are not toys.
– Have annual maintenance checks of your garage door and opener.

Q: Why are my safety sensors blinking?

Your safety sensors (photo eyes) are most likely out of alignment. To correct this, you will need to adjust one or both of them until the light on photo eye is no longer blinking. Usually this problem does not require a service call.